If you bought an apartment, built a country house or made a good renovation of the premises, purchased expensive and beautiful furniture, stylish interior items, then you should not save on curtains, because this is the final major chord in the decoration of your home. Beautiful curtains will emphasize the unique atmosphere of your home, as well as your social status. Saving on the quality of the fabric, the elegance of the model, you risk losing all the "courage" of your home, in which a lot of money has already been invested.

The main goals of textile decoration:

- protection of privacy from view, from drafts, from the sun, from the cold

- creating comfort

- fixing flaws in architecture


The harmony of the interior is the most important thing! Curtains should not compete with their owners in originality and self-expression. They should be the backdrop to life. Good curtains do not dominate but harmonize.

For Russia, it is preferable to have two sets of curtains. Thin and airy - summer curtains. Heavy, fleecy - winter curtains.

In textile design, all textile surfaces should be in harmony with each other: curtains, bedspreads, pillows, carpets, tablecloths. If you want them to serve for a long time and look impeccable, be sure to follow the rules for washing, cleaning and care.

There is not always a financial opportunity to make repairs in an apartment or change furniture, but the soul asks for changes. You can radically change your interior only by changing the textiles.

шторы - сваг и кокелье
шторы с ламбрекеном
римские шторы
двухуровневые шторы
шторы с подхватом
шторы 2

                           COST OF SERVICES:

full decoration - by agreement

partial decoration - by agreement

стоимость услуг



complete decoration - 4-5 options models of curtains, bedspreads, tablecloths, selection of fabrics for their manufacture

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