Landscape design is a set of measures for the improvement of a land plot, an area of ​​creative activity that is aimed at shaping the environment using various kinds of natural elements. At the same time, not only natural components are actively used, but also the latest achievements of modern technologies. Thanks to a well-designed and implemented landscape design, harmonious and natural living conditions are created on your site. We use both classical and modern landscape design techniques, adjusted for the individual tastes of the customer and the characteristics of a particular landscape.

Landscaping - a complex of landscape works on the formation of the relief of the site, arrangement of sowing and laying lawns, planting trees, shrubs and plants, creation of decorative compositions from living plants, arrangement of rockeries and rock gardens, arrangement of mixborders, flower beds, rose gardens, ornamental gardens, monitoring green space, complex plant care.

Improvement - arrangement of playgrounds and paths, water structures - decorative ponds, streams, cascades, fountains, installation of small architectural forms (gazebos, pergolas, bridges, swings, sandboxes, children's play equipment, benches); installation of an automatic irrigation and drainage system. Landscaping of the site begins with a pre-project analysis of the territory, the boundaries of the site are established, all the necessary survey work is carried out, the already laid communications and networks are identified. Right now it is necessary to envisage all the buildings that will be erected, and the communication scheme that will be laid on the site. In the project for the improvement of private land holdings, the following are used: gas, water, electricity, sewerage or septic tank, drainage networks, an automatic irrigation and lighting system of the territory.


In our studio you can order a topographic survey of your site.

                       DESIGN PROJECT COMPOSITION:


  • Site master plan (placement of the main objects on the site - a house, a bathhouse, a garage, a gazebo, etc.)

  • Dendrological plan (placement of trees and shrubs)

  • Planting plan

  • List of plants

  • Technical plan (lighting, paths, watering and drainage)

  • Visualization (by months, at night, taking into account lighting)

  • Video presentation of the project


The project can be executed in the form of an electronic presentation.



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