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In our time of widespread computerization, drawing on paper has remained the lot of artists. All other specialties associated with it have long since grown into computer specialties. Graphic design is no exception. The main task of the designer is that texts and photos are presented on the website or in print in the most favorable light, beautifully, effectively and unusual.


Graphic design - decorating the environment with graphics. This is working with signs, billboards, posters, pointers, signs and diagrams that we see in large numbers around, as well as taking care of the readability of information such as Internet sites, magazines, newspapers, leaflets, book and CD covers, menus in restaurant, product catalogs, business cards, product packaging, manufactured goods and graphic design of shop windows. From this brief listing, it can be understood that wherever we go, we will surely see a variety of graphic design works everywhere.

The first business cards appeared in France during the Rococo era. The business card exchange process was regulated at the legislative level, and its main task was to demonstrate the position of the parties. By and large, the Rococo era business card was the same status item as a carriage with lilies and crowns or a wig. The first business cards were made from the most expensive paper, fabrics, ivory plates and even glass. An obligatory element of the card was images of family coats of arms. The rapid development of industry and trade, the growth of cities and the emergence of telephone communications - all this forced entrepreneurs to look for new ways of transferring information to potential suppliers and customers. Business cards have become part of our life, and have long been no longer an attribute of respectability. Regardless of which approach you are guided by when ordering it (for beauty or for business), the business card should be stylish, well-designed and well-printed. Any business card creates an association with its owner.

The corporate identity for the company is the strongest tool for promoting the market. It must correspond to the social and psychological needs of consumers, their perceptions and expectations. Creation of a brand and corporate identity - involves the solution of many creative and organizational issues, allows you to stand out from the crowd of competitors.

Website development is not only a beautiful page design, it requires attention and a competent approach. The main goal of creating a website is to maximize the growth of the target audience. The development of modern technologies, the expansion of the online trading market segment - all this forces us to look for new methods to increase the sales of companies. For this reason, even a small company creates a website and promotes it in search engines.

The realities of today's world are as follows: Whoever does not have a website today will have no business tomorrow.

Especially for you, we will create a bright, memorable, working site that will take you to a new level!

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  • creation business card layouts

  • creation of layouts for advertising brochures and leaflets

  • creation of layouts of wedding invitations

  • creation of layouts for banners and other printed products

  • making presentations in PowerPoint

  • website creation and filling

  • creation of an online store

  • development of corporate identity for the company

  • visualization of future objects on the ground


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