Interior design is, first of all, harmony that every person follows. But finding your harmony and style is not so easy, especially if a person has never been involved in creativity. A design project starts with a thoughtful style. Many people know interior styles such as: Modern, Japanese style, Hi-Tek, Vintage, Provence, Baroque. A professional designer, in order to create an interesting interior design, will not just use one of the many ready-made models. An interior style is a combination of artistic techniques and features that determine its aesthetic unity.

      Styles are divided into three large groups - historical (Romanesque, Baroque, Gothic, modern), ethnic (Provence, country, Mediterranean, Japanese) and modern (hi-tech, minimalism, loft, pop art).

A well-developed imagination can help you imagine the future housing, but it takes some knowledge and experience to get the message across to the builder. The task of the technical project is to convey the essence of the idea to the builder on the basis of the drawings and help to bring the plan to life.



  • measurement drawing with a list of openings

  • dismantling and assembly plan

  • explication of premises

  • floor plan

  • ceiling plan

  • lighting and electrical equipment layout

  • plan for the arrangement of furniture and plumbing equipment

  • 2-3 options for style and color solutions

  • wall sweep

  • manual feed of individual parts or types

  • visualization - 4-5 types of each room

  • explanatory note

  • bill of materials and equipment



  • textile interior decoration (drawing of models and selection of fabrics for curtains and bedspreads)


The project can be executed in the form of an electronic presentation.

уникальный дизайн
стоимость услуг

             COST OF SERVICES:

DESIGN PROJECT: by agreement

You can order only part of the design project:

SKETCH PART - by agreement

TECHNICAL PART - by agreement

COMPLETE SET - by agreement


обмерочный план
план размещения розеток
экспликация помещений
план мебели и сантехники
план освещения
план освещения
план пола
план пола
план потолков
развертка стен ванная

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