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We create comfort!

Of course, for any person not related to construction by profession, repairs are always stressful. And there are few people who really understand how much work and in what sequence will have to be done before they get their dream home. The situation with financing is even more complicated. It is impossible to keep within the budget without the help of a professional, since the construction market is subject to active price fluctuations, and the work of the team often has to be redone.
The studio provides a full range of services in the field of design: interior design of apartments and country houses, landscape design, textile interior decoration, graphic design, website creation and promotion, business card layout and advertising brochures, corporate identity and company logo development. 
Interior design services are: the formation of technical specifications, measurements, photographs, definition of the style and concept of the project, planning solutions, sketches of premises, visualization, development of working documentation. 
Facility equipment: selection of building materials, furniture, plumbing equipment, interior items, lighting. 
Author's supervision: the designer's visit to the object, control over the progress of finishing work and their compliance with the approved project. 
In the textile decor, all textile surfaces should be in harmony with each other: curtains, bedspreads, pillows, carpets, tablecloths. Beautiful curtains will emphasize the unique atmosphere of your home, as well as your social status.
Landscape design services include: drawing up a master plan of the site, dendroplan and planting plan, technical plan (lighting, watering, paths, household blocks), plant list, visualization of the entire site by months and at night, taking into account lighting. 



уникальный дизайн
договор на услуги
минимальные сроки
объект под ключ
We do not offer template projects, we create a unique interior especially for  you. 
Each service is formalized by an agreement, and we guarantee strict adherence to the terms of your order, as well as the composition of project documentation.
We value your time, therefore the project is developed as soon as possible without compromising quality.
You can transfer the entire object for turnkey implementation (interior design, equipment, architectural supervision, textile decor, landscape design), or order only a certain service.
напрямую с дизайнером
каталоги партнеров
комплектация объекта
кредит и оплата
All organizational and operational issues are resolved directly with the designer.
The studio has a huge number of paper and electronic catalogs of our partners, and you can familiarize yourself with them at any time convenient for you.
Cooperation with showrooms in Tula and Moscow, allows you to create a truly unique interior.
Payment for services is made in stages. Both cash and non-cash payments are provided.